Sunday, July 22, 2012

this is me

this is me

What do you remember about your honeymoon?

In the Salt Lake City Airport, the morning after we got married, we ate Sbarro Pizza.  Then, we flew to San Diego.  Our hotel was a block in front of the train, and one block from the water.  Upon check in, the hotel had warm cookies.  The warm cookies were also available every time we could sneak one on our way past the front desk.  What I've mention so far are meaningful stories.

We went on a dinner cruise our first night there.  The Dramamine and the smooth boat ride put me to sleep after dinner.  Whoops.  I was awake enough to watch a lot of awkward/drunk people doing a lot of awkward/drunk dancing.

Maybe on the second night there, Jake made us go on a horrible errand.  Remember the Sbarro Pizza?  It was still in me.  Along with whatever else I ate since the previous Thursday.  That's a lot of food.  I only told Jake because it was a little funny but he takes the role of caring for his family quite seriously.  So .... Walgreens or whatever was the stop we made.  Cranberry Juice and Mirolax or whatever that's called.  Because I like fancy drinks, I insisted on whip cream, too.  When we got back to the hotel, Jake whipped me up something quite nice.  NOT!  It wasn't nice.  It was yuck yuck.  I whined and begged and tried to negotiate a way out of the beverage but it didn't work.  My advice, don't tell Jake if you're backed up.

We spent a whole day at the San Diego Zoo where we bought the kids stuffed animals.  Noah's turned out to be his favorite little guy to have in bed with him ... A hippo he named Num Num.  We toured some cool boats and submarines, including the U.S.S. Something or Other.  In the submarine, we looked out the spy hole and saw some inappropriate PDA happening on the top of the boat next door.

We had lots of yummy meals, especially one that was a late breakfast for us but opening lunch time in Little Italy.  Delicious.  Authentic, thin crust pizza.  That was by far my favorite pizza in this lifetime.  The Cheesecake Factory was yum, too.  I really like the walk over there because of the mall .... Crate and Barrel, Anthropolgie, Nordstroms (where I got some awesome shoes but made it an unfortunate event for a lady on the escalator), etc.

One afternoon, I wanted to go out exploring but Jake was napping.  He woke up to join me on my unplanned adventure.  Not that he wasn't happy, but the nap was his first choice, he trudged down to the lobby with me and we picked up warm cookies on our way out the door.  I'm not sure why, but my cookie was gone in a flash.  As we rounded the corner I snatched Jake's cookie and shoved it in my mouth.  Fourteen months later, and that's pretty much all he remembers from our honeymoon.

It was pretty awesome to spend so much time with Jake, uninterrupted (except by a right-wing nut job who wouldn't stop calling my phone).  It was relaxing and fun to be able to mozy around with no real set-in-stone type plans.  I liked it.  I like him.  A lot.


Kellie said...

I think you've inspired me to try doing some recapping from my engagement/wedding/honeymoon, etc. We'll see! :) I'm so glad you two found each other, you both seem very happy! :) And I love your backed up story. I wondered which of you it was for, from way back when you posted the pictures on your blog!! :) Haha, that's funny