Sunday, July 15, 2012

this is me

this is me

What do you remember about your wedding day?

1. Woke up with no time for breakfast.  Wendy took me to the salon where Tiffani made me beautiful.

2. Came home to my house to see Jake in his suit.  Curled Abbi's hair.  Put on my wedding dress, good thing RaNae was there.  Gave Abbi her special Vintage Pearl necklace.

3. Rode with Jake to the Timbermine.  It felt kinda funny.

4. Saw my family already there making the place beautiful, just that way I wanted it.  Loved it.  My uncle was there and took some excellent family pictures.

5. A lot of great people came.  I was a little overwhelmed.

6. My dad got the party started, and then we got married.  It took like five whole minutes.  Then I cried, and my makeup streamed down my face.  Apparently, I looked horrendous because my dad was appalled.  Jake gave me a hanky.

7. Jon Schmidt played and we loved it.

8.  Lunch came, and I missed it, but I got to talk to everybody just how I wanted.

9. We had yummy cupcakes and did more visiting.

10.  Then, we left the mess for my family to clean up, and the kids went away for the weekend, and we headed to Salt Lake.

11. I opened the cards on the way to the hotel and finished when we got there, so excited for the gift certificates we could use in San Diego.

12. I gobbled up the tuxedo strawberries and the sparkling cider because it looked beautiful on the table.  I don't think I saved any for Jake.

The end.

Things Jake say happened on our wedding day:
  1. Bishop Hatch said "Boss and Bride." (Jake blames a lot of things on what "Denton said."
  2. I shoved cupcake straight up his nose.
  3. My make-up was horrendous after the crying.
  4. I started playing a thumb war with him during the 4 minute ceremony.
  5. I ate grilled cheese for dinner at the hotel and apparently that's not very adult-like.


Kellie said...

I love these kinds of posts! Your wedding was beautiful, I'm so glad I was able to be there!! :)