Saturday, March 31, 2012

draining their energy tanks

We knew this weekend would be long for the kids since we'll be inside watching conference so on Friday, we had a fun afternoon together.  The weather was perfect to practice with Abbi's new bat and glove.  Her softball games start in May!  Noah ran circles around all of us.  We all stood in the corners of our yard with our hand behind our backs to practice with Noah's new soccer ball.  We're prepared to predict that sports might be a big part of his life.  And, we ate at Abbi's new favorite place ... Zupa's.  She can't say it but she can spell it :)  Eating out would have been better if my associate and her boyfriend wouldn't have congratulated Jake on some stuff.  That was awesome.  Anyway... We had such a fun night together and we were all so happy to be able to spend the time with everyone home!  We have learned to really appreciate the time we get together!