Thursday, March 15, 2012

I thought I was conservative ...

... and I still am.  I think.  I'm a pretty conservative person when it comes to political issues.  Tonight, my mind got all jumbled up during the Republican Caucus I hosted.  I am a precinct chairman and tonight more than 60 people came to the caucus.  The recent redistricting has really made a difference, plus, there was a lot of encouragement through the media and the Church.  But, tonight, I had to really think about where I stand.  I'm not a democrat, but, I didn't really blend in with the group I hosted tonight, either. 

Q: How can a voter chose who to vote for before they have learned about all of the candidates?

Q: Although there are benefits to re-electing a candidate, and come voters don't believe in term limits, shouldn't we allow other candidates to have a shot?  

Q: What would happen if the leadership of every committee had to be reorganized every year?

Q: What if committee leadership wasn't based on tenure?

Q: How would politics be different if there was a two-term cap on every elected position?

Q: What if it wasn't a career to be a politician, and instead it was a voluntary position?  Let's say I'm senator.  I'd like help with the transportation costs and maybe Diet Coke during the meetings.  I don't think it would be wise for me to run or be elected for office if my family wasn't in a financial position to provide healthcare and the loss of my full-time wages is I wanted to be a full-time politician.

Q: I'm still senator.  Now it's 37 years later.  How could I possibly be in touch with my constituents enough to represent them with my votes in Washington if I have been on the road full-time for half my life.  I couldn't even be in touch enough with my spouse or kids to vote for our favorite dinner by then.

Q: I'm president.  I got involved in politics last year.  How do I fill my cabinet with qualified, ethical, and educated staff?

I hate how messy politics and government can be.  Nothing is straight-forward.  I really like things to be black and white and when they aren't, I get frustrated if I can't figure it out.  What this all boils down to is, I'm not for Hatch.  There.  I said it.  I am for Romney.  I am for term limits.  I wish committees were reorganized every year.  I wish elected officials didn't make a career out of politics.  They should have the experience and knowledge to be elected, they should serve, and then they should go back to the real world where they can continue to be valuable, experienced, and knowledgeable citizens.  

My name is Joey Tracy and I am Unaffiliated.