Wednesday, March 21, 2012

super sisters

I have got some pretty fantastic sisters! For example, last night my sister-in-law let her own sister and I set her up for a crazy day taking care of both of our kids. She gave up her whole day. When I picked up the Bug and Robot, they were sad to leave. Noah cried for Amber and begged to stay with her. 

Monday night, Anne met me in Sugarhouse and had dinner with me before she suffered through a horribly long class. 

Tonight, both of my sisters met me for dinner tonight. I'm not sure any of us had a really good day. We got there, and I like to believe it was a hilarious meal. I can't even begin to write all of the snort-worthy and water-spitting one liners that we came up with. Then, while Wendy went to see to Hurley's needs, Anne and I went on a short trip to the Z-Gallery and Anthropologie. And, I barely dare admit, my trip there was sponsored by a sister. 

There's more! Tiffani is using her day off tomorrow to watch my kids in the afternoon. Noah was telling me today that he likes to go there because Elizabeth and Tiffani aren't bad guys. And, Cody isn't a monster. Good to know. 

To top off a week of super sisters, Wendy, Anne, and I are staying at Little America on Friday to celebrate the City Creek opening. I'm not sure how I would have made it through the week with no Jake and seeing kids only for 3 minutes a day if it wasn't for my sisters. All four of them. They take such good care of me and I wish I could give back to them the way they give to me. I love to spend time with any or all of them whenever I get the chance. They make me a happy girl. I can be just as crazy as I really am when I'm alone. I can even tell them how crazy I am when I am alone. Yeah for sisters!!!