Sunday, April 01, 2012

All About Me - #13

Top Three
People you consider to be geniuses:
my dad, Larry, for his brain
my mom, Melanie, for her creativity
the guy who invented Texas Roadhouse
Inventions you consider to be ingenius:
Favorite childhood toys or games:
Cabbage Patch dolls
blank paper
sidewalk chalk
Words you use often when speaking:
"What else"
"What are you doing?"

Sounds that disturb you:
nose blowing (or anything phlegm or booger related)
talking when I want whoever is talking to be quiet

Lessons you have learned the hard way:
I want to be with Jake
Dogs are difficult pets
Depression and anxiety are real

Things you would never do:
drugs & alcohol
eat a hamburger - or other stuff
put vinyl lettering right on the wall or my car

Charities or people to whom you would donate money:
the Church philantropies
Jesus Saves
some literacy group

Things you would not allow your children to do:
Not do their homework
Drink caffeine drinks
Watch Barney

Things you have done in your life that you regret:
I said something in 4th grade that I shouldn't have
I read "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo"
I kept my hopes up for things I knew wouldn't ever happen

Things for which you are thankful:
my family
my home
the gospel