Sunday, March 25, 2012

All About Me - #12

Yes or No

You keep a diary - kind of, a journal
You like to cook - yes, just not under pressure
You exercise regularly - no
You sketch while you are on the phone - yes
You have read a book in the past month - yes
You replace the toilet paper immediately - no, not every time
You like crossword puzzles - no
You have visited the Eiffel Tower - no, minus the one in Vegas
You have a secret you have never shared with anyone - yes
You wait until the last minute to fill your car with gas - yes, sometimes
You snore - yes
You have been to your ancestors' homeland - no
You read in the bathroom - no
Being sick is a vacation - no
You often have people over at your house - yes
You like America - yes
You can remember jokes - no
You play cards - yes
You fold your underwear - yes, when I do the laundry
You talk in your sleep - yes, a lot
You eat fast - yes
You recycle small batteries - no
You often avoid paying full price - no
You like hiking - no
You like being on the phone - yes
You shave regularly - yes, sometimes
You set your watch a few minutes ahead - no
You are always late - no, not always
You often get headaches - no
You smoke - no, never
A naked photo of you exists - no
You can whistle - yes, one little whistle
You write letters regularly - I try to
You believe in destiny - no, I believe there is a plan
You brush your teeth three times a day - no
You have something you wish to confess - no
You change your bedsheets weekly - no, every other week
You bite your fingernails - no
You are a vegetarian - no
You have eaten in a restaurant alone - yes
You have gone to a movie alone - no
You have taken a vacation alone - kind of
You read the newspaper every day - no, not anymore
You have not used a hair dryer in the past five years - no
You have never used a personal computer - no
You have hit your father or mother in anger - no
When you think you have done something wrong you are quick to apologize - yes
You lose control in heated arguments - no
In the morning when your alarm clock sounds, you get out of bed immediately - no
You generally save letters and postcards - yes
You hate parties - no, not all of them
You have stolen money from your parents - yes, quarters
You have fired a gun -only a b.b. gun
You often have the last word - yes
Less is more - yes
You give money to homeless people - no
Money has influenced your character - no
You know who you are - yes
You enjoy being photographed - no
Life treats you well - yes


LarryandMelanie said...

It would be interesting to have the people who know you best, ie: sisters, mom, jake, answer the same questions about you. I might even be able to find a nake picture of my baby Joey.