Saturday, March 10, 2012

La La La

Lately, we've been working with Noah on his sounds while he speaks.  Even though I love how he sounds now, I know he's got to practice saying things the right way, too.

Some of my favorites ....

"I need a tiss on the yips!"
Singing ... "Mary had a yittle yamb, yittle yamb, yittle yamb."
 "I want some yunch, Mommy!"

The other day Noah was begging for fruit snacks, which we didn't even have.  While I was trying to round up some "yunch" for the boy, I was practicing with him, "La la la lunch.  La la la lunch."

Noah yelled back at me, "La la la FRUIT SNACKS!"

It was hilarious.  Jake and I laughed and laughed.  So today, we bought a Costco size box of "la la la FRUIT SNACKS."

I like happy stories.