Thursday, March 29, 2012

E is for EASTERS

E is for Easter

Or as I like to call it ... Easters 

In case I haven't shared this before, I have a very poor memory.  In order to preserve what memories I do have, or to remember which ones might be fun to duplicate, I'm going to list my Easter Memories.

  • My mom made an Easter basket for us all to share using a small wading pool and a hula hoop.  Inside, were all over-sized items like a big coloring book, large crayons, big bottle of bubbles, king-size candies, etc.
  • Because Easter is actually celebrating a sacred event, we did not get out Easter baskets on Sunday or have our egg hunts on Sunday.  That made Easter Saturday a fun-filled day but did not replace the meaning of Easter Sunday.
  • Sometimes my mom would refer to Easter stuff as Happy Spring, especially when we were older.  We didn't get Easter baskets after we were out of elementary school.  But we all loved to celebrate Happy Spring.
  • My mom would be so excited about her flowers coming our of the ground in the spring.  I think that must be her favorite day of the year.
  • I barely remember one Easter egg hunt.  It was in my grandparents backyard before Grandpa built his big garage.  I don't have very many memories with my Grandma Stone but (my imagination + this memory) she was pretty happy that day. 
  • Sometimes we got Easter dresses.  I loved getting an Easter dress.  That built in me a desire to always have an Easter dress even though I don't really get one anymore.  
  • Since my siblings and I all grew up, my parents still do one Easter thing.  It's called the eggs of unequal value.  We love unequal value games.  Well, for the last 14 years, I'm sure that Amber or Tiffani has always been the winner.  At least it's not Cody, I guess.
  • Last year, Jake and I took the kids to the Bear River Easter Dance with their great-grandma.  They danced the night away in their cute new clothes their grandma had bought them.  Grandma Ballard had packed a full picnic basket of sandwiches.  It was fun to see them all interact and dance.
  • When I was a teenager, I played the piano for the choir at church.  One year, Sister Lewis gave me the most difficult music I had ever seen, let alone played.  I practiced and practiced but it was never perfect.  Then, on Easter Sunday, I sat at the big grand piano at the front of the chapel.  The bishopric smiled at me while I set up my music.  Sister Lewis did her nod and started to conduct the beat for me to begin.  I played the Easter Anthem perfectly while the choir sang their hearts out.  It was perfect!  I've never played it perfectly again since then.  It was my Easter miracle.
  • I'm sure there are a lot more Easter memories but like I said, I have a poor memory.  Maybe my sisters can comment about what they remember ....