Sunday, March 25, 2012

L O V E city creek in salt lake city

On Friday afternoon, I got to explore and check out lots of cool things happening at the grand opening of the City Creek Center!  I've been anticipating this for a long time because my sister, W., had a special involvement with the project.  It's been an exciting part of her career.  In fact, she's got a super panoramic picture of all of the buildings rising up with the huge cranes all around them hanging in her office.

After parking my van between two other too big vehicles, and climbing out like I was a magician escaping from the trapped car, I ate a yummy lunch at The Lion House.  It's one of our favorite places to eat.  Then we walked across to City Creek for a special tour of the condos!

I posted a few pictures of my favorite things in the condos.  For example: beds, pillows, wall paper (I'm in love), elephants, people, etc.

Love the wall paper!
Love the wall paper.  Also pictured: W :)
One of the many great views we saw from the condos.
My favorite elephant.
Maybe my favorite condo, here. I loved the style and the views.
This fireplace is stacked stone.  It was really cool.
Love, love this.
Loved this idea, too.
An orange bed! Lovey!

The sisters.  Super fun sister weekend, with the parents
My parents, buying us dinner, at Little America.

After touring the condos, we shopped in the Flagship Deseret Book!  Awesome!  And, then browsed through a few other favorite places before we went into Macy's.  My parents bought us each a little something.  Anne picked a scarf.  I picked a pashmina.  And Wendy got earrings, I think.  While we looked at the purses my dad followed us around commenting on how we were all carrying a purse so why did we need to look at purses.  Obviously, he doesn't get it.

After checking in at Little America, and eating at our favorite coffee shop, we took Trax to the Gateway to see Hunger Games.  I was impressed with the movie.  I always get nervous about movies based on books because I love books.  But, I really liked the movie this time!  I don't think I can wait two years for the next one.

I'm so glad I could have this little weekend adventure.  This week was awfully long with work, besides having to go into work on Saturday afternoon to round out six days this week.  I had a lot of cool things happen this week but I was t i r e d.  It's fun to spend time with my sisters and parents.  We've got to take the opportunities we still have to spend time with dad in public because that season of his life will have to come to an end soon due to the condition he suffers from that we like to compare to turrets.

When I got home, I got to see Jake for the first time since Sunday!  That was pretty great and got even better because he brought me Texas Roadhouse for dinner at work!  I love, love him.

Happy Weekend!