Sunday, March 04, 2012

All About Me - #9

Three traits you look for in a friend - they like me, humor, easy to be around
The friend you have known for the longest amount of time - Kayli, 27 years, 8 months
Is this person a close friend - the closest
Why? - We've been best friends forever
The friend you miss most - Any of them I haven't been able to see or talk to in a while
A friend who makes you laugh often - I find all of my friends quite humorous
A friend whom you can tell anything - I'm kind of an open book to my friends, so all of them
A friend to whom you can go for advice - most of them, especially Katherine
The best piece of advice this friend gave you - everything she says is what I need to hear but I always repeat the one, "You feel the way you feel because that's the way you feel."
A friend you can have adventures with - all of them
The best adventure you had with a friend - girls' camp
A friend you don't take seriously - not anyone I would say is my friend
A friend you may lose soon - I'm counting on not losing any
A friend you lost for a reason other than death - a few of them
A friend with whom you would like to be closer - every one of them
Describe the barrier that exists between you and the friend - time
A friend to whom you would never lend money - ha ha
A friend you would name as godparent of your child - I've never thought about it....Kayli, Lisa, Amanda, Amy, or Katherine
Your two closest friends - I have more than two
One trait you admire in each of them - (warning: if I leave you out I'm sorry, tell me and I will put you in)  Lisa, supportive; Kayli, loyal; Amanda, loyal; Amy, understanding; Katherine, wise; Tammy, good listener; Emily N., hilarious; Rachel, happy; Jennie, validates me; Emily F., good ideas; Morgan, creative; Natalie, hilarious; Katie, identifies with me; Trina, good memory; Jones, great pins on pinterest
Your mother is your friend - yes, I even have a necklace that says so
Your father is your friend - yes
Your best friend as a child - Kayli
Your worst enemy as a child - the girl who stole my lunch
Your best friend as a teenager - the Laurel class
Your worst enemy as a teenager - the girl I pushed over at softball
Your best friend as an adult - so many
Your worst enemy as an adult - not worth thinking about
If you could, where would you banish your worst enemy to? - the Australian outback
 Are you able to forgive your enemies? - yes

The friend who is most like you - I don't know because we all change all the time
The friend who is most unlike you - I don't know

The friend who uses most of your energy - I probably use all of their energy
A friend you will see in hell - I hope I don't go to hell
A friend you will see in heaven - all of them


Katherine said...

Wise? Wow. I've got you fooled. ;) And to be fair, I got that quote from Matt. Maybe he's the wise one?

I really like your blog. And I really like you.