Tuesday, March 27, 2012

General Conference Pins We're Using ...

I made these cards in just a few minutes by printing them and gluing the two sides to the same square of card stock.  I'll have them laminated tomorrow (what if I could laminate at home?) and connect them with a small binder ring on the corner.  This will help us learn about the speakers this weekend and then will be a great addition to our Sunday Sack. 


I printed this from www.sugardoodle.net.  Abbi is a really good artist so this might be a fun one for her and it will remind us to check out the speakers on the TV rather than just listening throughout the house.

I love, love this idea the most.  I'm still decided what we'll put in our buckets.  Probably pretzels, Swedish Fish, Goldfish, etc.  We're having Easter morning at our house this Saturday so I'm nervous about overdoing it with candy.  I don't know why my parenting decisions are almost exactly opposite of my own lifestyle choices.

All of these little goodies were found on Pinterest, my long-lost love.  How did I live before Pinterest.  Is this the right place to share my Pinterest theories?  Yes?

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I love Pinterest.  I believe a lot of people waste a lot of time with it.  Maybe I waste some time, too.  But I like to feel justified in the fact that I actually use the ideas I find.  I try the recipes, I make the crafts, but I only dream about the outfits I pin.  Anyway, I dare guess that I make at least 3 Pinterest items a week.  So, I can pin away, right?

While I'm on crazy tangents... have you guys seen the social reader on Facebook?  I'm going to put it out there right now as a warning to all of my dear friends and family ... BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU READ ON THERE!  There are some innocent and interesting articles but if you have ever been an adult in my life, especially a leader at church, I don't want to see it post when you read articles about sex.  There.  I said it.  Read what you want, just not on Facebook, please!  I get all nervous and awkward-feeling.


Alicia said...

Awesome pins (as usual) Joey. Hope you have a lovely weekend.