Tuesday, September 17, 2013

out of ideas

I got stumped and painted myself into a corner.  Noah swears.  And swears.  He strings them together.  If I've done anything as a mother, I've never sworn at or even around my children.  I know it's not coming from the shows we watch {except for the old Ninga Turtles movie we watched that one time}.  It's coming from people we go around.  I know there is no way to shelter my kids from hearing swear words {or other words we don't allow at home} but I don't know how to teach Noah that while so-and-so says those things, we don't.  We've had positive talks about it, time outs about it, etc.

This afternoon, Noah and Elizabeth were playing a lively game of Checkers {which neither of them know how to play} and Elizabeth jumped Noah's guy.  He wasn't angry, just into his game, so he strung and repeated his go-to swear.  Here comes the "I'm out of ideas" part.....

I put a tiny drop on his tongue and sent him to time out.  But, first, I did let him have a sip of milk.  I panicked!  The surprise on his face was horrible.  It was like he thought I was treating him to something special and he trusted me and I betrayed him. 

Sometimes being the mom isn't very cool.  On the other hand, he said he isn't going to swear anymore because swear words burn his mouth.  Mission accomplished???  Of course, Noah got over this hours ago and I'm still feeling so confused about what happened.  I hope he doesn't call my bluff because I'm pretty sure I can't Tabasco him again.  Or can I?

p.s. Have you ever had one of those "I've become my mother" moments?  This was mine.  :)


Kellie said...

LOL! Oh Joey your stories keep me laughing. This being a mom stuff is a super hard test with no answers to be found!!! *hugs*

Jimmy,Amber,Marlie,James and Jack said...

Soon he will ask for it to put on his food. (Its an acquired taste). My mom helped me aquire a taste for it and it sounds like you are helping him. Don't feel bad remember it hurts so good!