Monday, September 23, 2013

30 to 30

....the final countdown...

a short list of things I wish to do in the next 30 years

  1.  Meet George Walker Bush.
  2. Build a home with Jake.
  3. Minus Joey by 30+ pounds.
  4. Read the Book of Mormon out loud with my children.
  5. Teach Daisy a new trick.
  6. Get a Maine Coon cat.
  7. Send Noah, and Abbi if she wants to, on a mission.
  8. Go on a mission with Jake.
  9. Have a baby.
  10. Write about working at Deseret Industries.
  11. Find something to do on Wednesday nights.
  12. Earn my teaching license?
  13. Touch a penguin.
  14. Travel with Jake.