Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 to 30

....the final countdown...

my first decade: 1983-1993

0 - I was cute.  I didn't walk.  No need to.
1 - Still cute.  Still didn't walk.  No need to.
2 - Cute.  Pigtails.
3 - Started preschool with the neighbor kids.
4 - Was a pro at preschool with the neighbor kids.
5 - Mrs. Sheen wouldn't let me write 1990 on my papers until after New Years.  Sheesh.
6 - Dad and Jeremy snuck me out of Mrs. Tremea's class to get my ears pierced.
7 - My cousin Michelle died.  She was cute with curls and had lots of personality in her four year old body.  Can't wait to get to know her again.
8 - Dad baptized me on my birthday.  My grandma's were the speakers and I wish I knew what they said.  I remember telling Aunt Maureen my mom would be serving steak at the dinner after the baptism.  Really, it was just sloppy joes.  Mrs. Unck let me tell the class about my special day.
9 - Anne said that it was really old for me to be nine.  I could beat Mrs. Hyde at timed multiplication tests.