Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 to 30

and it begins....the final countdown...

I guess I am one of those {or one of YOU} people who dread turning THIRTY.

I don't hate the number as much as I hate the categories people put you in or count you out of by just having a simple birthday.

I am young.  At least, I don't remember not being young.

I am married and have kids and stuff but I could be 20 and have that be true.

College just years ago.  What?  When did seven years start feeling like two years?

What is it that makes people start calling you "Ma'am?"  Ma'am.  Are you kidding me?!  Those punks who do it are practically my same age....that I was seven to twelve years ago.

Just because I'm thirty, doesn't mean I don't understand eighteen.  You don't automatically start identifying with 56 year old people because you leave your twenties.  And, even if you do identify with them, it doesn't make you their age.  Wait.  Lightbulb moment....crap.  Does that mean if I identify with college kids, it doesn't make me their age either?

And, gray roots.  What?!  Where the H did they come from?

Here we go....29 more posts on my way to THIRTY.


Ana said...

LOL! Sorry Ma'am... but you are now moving up to the 30-35 age group in all the surveys too!
I cannot wait to read all your upcoming posts.

Kellie said...

I wish I had as witty of a mind as you do. You're very entertaining! :) Yes, 30 sucks...I feel old, something about not being '20 something' anymore. Haha!!