Tuesday, September 24, 2013

30 to 30

 ....the final countdown...
my Life List from a while back

  1. graduate from high school
  2. see new york city
  3. go to college
  4. meet W
  5. give a public speech {not at church}
  6. read the book of mormon in less than a week
  7. go to the temple
  8. get married
  9. be a mommy
  10. be a truth speaker
  11. call roll at the Utah GOP convention
  12. visit inside the white house
  13. understand cultures
  14. help people {no matter where they are in life}
  15. teach in an elementary school
  16. teach in a junior high school
  17. teach at a high school
  18. teach at a university
  19. own a farm animal
  20. have a yard
  21. have 1-3 more babies {don't tell Jake about the 3}
  22. be sealed to Jake in the temple
  23. paint a striped or chevron accent wall
  24. teach Daisy to roll over
  25. get a Maine Coon cat
  26. own this painting
  27.  go to the clear blue Caribbean water
  28. memorize my favorite scripture verses
  29. be a crazy cat lady
  30. braid my own hair
  31. ride this bike
  32. muffle the doors {or teach the kids not to slam them}
  33. refinish a few pieces of furniture to be colorful
  34. buy something at Anthropolgie without checking the price
  35. don't use the cheat foot pedal button on the organ
  36. see Wicked
  37. visit the northwest
  38. visit the east coast
  39. go to Nauvoo
  40. visit as many temples as possible
  41. read every book in my house
  42. take the kids to the aquarium
  43. play Waterfall like I used to
  44. send 30 notes in the mail in a month
  45. make Jake a real Sunday dinner
  46. dress up as a family for Halloween
  47. read all the books on my pinterest board
  48. foster a love of reading in my children
  49. see Grandma once a week
  50. teach Noah to write his name
  51. blog something interesting
  52. write something to be published
  53. make Swedish Pancakes without a recipe
  54. organize a creative space
  55. use all of my pinterest recipes
  56. make my home a gathering place
  57. attend an entire year of Sunday School
  58. keep the table clear all week
  59. see my own tulips bloom in the spring
  60. have a cute front door
  61. visit Sweden and Germany
  62. see the Redwoods
  63. keep Jake from flying an airplane
  64. keep Jake from jumping from an airplane
  65. help Jake with his other goals
  66. have an overly-festive holiday party
  67. be a part of something big
  68. sell something I make
  69. have an different apron for every day of the week
  70. keep the owl full of cookies
  71. paint my bedroom
  72. build a house with Jake
  73. be more Holly Homemaker
  74. do my hair and makeup every day
  75. be miraculously cured from asthma
  76. wake up early to watch the news and get the day going
  77. see my friends more
  78. read the Book of Mormon out loud with Abbi
  79. go on a mission with Jake
  80. send Noah {and Abbi, if she feels it} on a mission
  81. teach Abbi to play the piano
  82. get jeans that fit
  83. write about working at Deseret Industries
  84. find something to do on Wednesday nights
  85. earn my teaching license
  86. spend evenings with Jake
  87. touch a penguin
  88. visit Ireland


Wendy H. said...

I wrote some extensive comments on my blog about this list.