Thursday, September 26, 2013

30 to 30

 ....the final countdown...

funniest things I can, I wish I had a better memory

  1. playing Mad Libs in college
  2. anything that happened after I should have been asleep in college
  3. any time Kayli and I have time enough to be silly
  4. when the drive-through guy caught Dad singing like Homer Simpson
  5. listening to Anne and Dad tell us how he backed over his own golf clubs with the cart
  6. Jimmy's story about corn on the soap and trying to re-tell it to Lisa
  7. Jack's fart at Marlie's recital
  8. Abbi telling me "never gets old" when I said some old, annoying saying
  9. whatever Noah does that leaves me without words and having to hide my smile/laughter
  10. when Walter ran and peed himself when Jake scared him
  11. sitting in my car with some friends during the rainstorms at my last singles' ward campout
  12. whatever led to my most serious asthma attack in a Layton park with Lisa, Kayli, and Jon
  13. having to read my stalker's poem aloud to him that he wrote about me
  14. figuring out that an associate's request for time off for court was for a charge of fornication not "fortification" like she said
  15. another associate brought me knitting needles and asked where we kept weapons like those
  16. Marlie flinging her shirt over my dad's newspaper when she was one
  17. naked-Noah asking Anne a rhetorical question about her life
  18. getting butted by a calf who wanted the bottle of milk I was feeding its brother
  19. this could go on but my memory fails me....laughing is my favorite, as is smiling, I just like smiling, smiling's my favorite, laughing leads to tears, snorts, and asthma attacks, laughing makes everyday better by 47%


Lisa said...

I feel honored to have been mentioned 3 times in one blog post! :) Another funny time was when I slept over at your parents and you had to give a talk the next day. We were laughing all night.

Wendy H. said...

You left out the opera.