Thursday, May 31, 2012

N is for NETFLIX

N is for Netflix
 My Netflix recommendations:
Jake made me watch this ... it was a little funny.

Jake never believed me that this was a funny show.  Then, he watched every episode.  Now I am married to a version of Michael.
This is the kind of show you wonder why you are watching or why you haven't turned it off yet.  But then, you've watched every season.

I love when the mean one calls the other one by a girls name.  That's my favorite kind of humor.
Thank you E. Noorda for this introduction.  Love it.

Cary Grant.  Need I say more?
Jake and I love this one.  I'm so glad Jennie F. Wilder took me to this movie.  That was one funny night.
I watched this during a long and lonely six weeks I had once.  Funny stuff.
  Honorable Mentions:

New in Town
Brian Regan
Lost - Still didn't watch the last episodes.  It got too confusing.
My Name is Earl - I like to hear Jake's laugh while he watches this show.
Prison Break - I liked the first few seasons, then it's no good.
Sesame Street