Sunday, May 06, 2012

All About Me - #18


Things you fear - failure, water, spiders, crowds, injections, sirens, knives
Your greatest fear - failure
Your most fearful moment - the moments before having "crucial conversations"

A crime or natural disaster you were a victim of - I think zero
A crime or natural disaster you fear - any of them, I'd bet
A sickness or disease you fear - all of them
Your greatest fear about aging - having regrets

When people first meet you, you are afraid they will think - I'm a little girl
A country you fear exploring - the entire middle east

Your greatest fear about marriage - not being as good a wife and mom as I want to be
Your greatest fear about having children - missing opportunities to love and teach

Something on your mind you are afraid to share - I'm afraid to share anything that I think tastes good because I'm always afraid I'll regret not having that one additional bite

A plan or project you worry may fail - being patient

Measure your fears
Pet a snake - I did
Spend a week in an empty room - I would not
Ride in a hot-air balloon - I would not
Kill an animal - I did
Sky dive - I would not
Sing in front of a huge audience - I did, at least in a choir
Scuba dive - I would not
Sit in the front seat of a roller coaster - I did
Deliver a baby - undecided
Swim across the Amazon River - I would not
Change careers - I did
Disappear for a long time - I would not
Walk through a forest alone at night - I would not
Join a space mission - I would not
Tell everyone what you honestly think of them - I do
Call off your wedding - I didn't
Walk naked through NYC for 10 minutes during rush hour - I would not
Walk up to Godzilla and call him a girl - I would
Disarm a bomb - I would not
Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa with a permanent marker - I would not
Go on tour with Elvis Presley - I would