Thursday, May 03, 2012

J is for JAKE

J is for Jake
A random list about Jake.
  •  he hates my cats
  • Jake just sold Matilda, his very precious motorcycle
  • his grandma used to give him compliments about how nice he is .... when he's asleep
  • Jake has an awesome memory, he can sing the lyrics to every song he has ever heard, including "Colo-rectal Surgeon"
  • he served his mission in Brasil and hopes to go back someday
  • Jake is an awesome cook and a super housekeeper and also a good accountant for our finances
  • Jake tries to negotiate with me, which always includes me eating a piece of meat
  • no matter what work he has to do, Jake is a really hard worker, even into the wee hours of the morning
  • he loves dogs as much as me, which makes us a dangerous home for animals
  • while supportive of my creative endeavors, Jake often piles or tosses my supplies
  • there is a place on Jake's shoulder that is better than any pillow - we call it the sleeper hold
  • he loves to run and used to run miles and miles with Abbi in the stroller
  • Jake is a really good dad - he keeps our home safe and sound
  • he is the most resilient and strong person I have met
  • a mini-Jake exists in the 2 year old body of Noah
  • Jake knows how to play, work, teach, and comfort Abbi with more patience than anyone I've seen
  • he likes me, even when I give him plenty of reasons not to
  • he teases me in the night and tells me in the morning what I did or said that might qualify me as a crazy person
  • he's pretty super


Georgia said...

I am in total agreement with you about Jake--he is a really extraordinary man, and you are a perfect couple. Congtratulations on your 1-year Anniversary Sunday! Also, Happy Mother's Day to a remarkable mom!