Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Learning

On Friday, Abbi was so excited for her last day of school that it made her tummy a little nervous in the morning.  But she was even more excited after school that she is not a 1st Grader anymore!  She and I had milkshakes at Warren's to celebrate.  I quizzed her about the school year.  Abbi's favorite part of 1st Grade is reading, math, and recess.  Her least favorite part was "There were too many chapters."  While we were eating our shakes, Abbi was so cute.  She said, "What else do you want to talk about?"  While I sat there with her, my heart was so grateful for her and for the blessing Heavenly Father gave me.  My heart was full of love and pride in Abbi and her beautiful little self.  

After the kids have gone to bed, I've been working on a project for Abbi to be able to keep up on her reading and other school work over the summer.  I dug out books from downstairs and I admit, I also made a few to several Amazon purchases.  Then using the story as a theme, I planned out a week of educational plus fun activities.  It's consistent so Abbi will know what to expect each week, plus it's fun because the activities change with every story.  I'm excited to start this with her.  She's already hauled off with the Junie B. Jones books to read for fun (they don't have a folder to go with them).  I also put all of the summer reading program sheets in the folders so we don't forget to keep track!

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