Monday, May 14, 2012

Moab, Utah 2012

I split all of the treats into portions and put them in a bag with a map of the drive.  Abbi liked to track where we were.  This was a great thing for portion control and when the treats were gone, they were gone.
Delicate Arch - 3 mile hike in and out.  Beautiful.
This was the beginning of Delicate Arch.  The kids all did great!
Our little family at Delicate Arch.  Abbi probably walked it 1.25 times because she looped around from the front to the back of the group so many times.  She loved it!
My beauties at the Arch.
Miss Abbi posing inside Delicate Arch.

My lovies inside the arch together.  Too dangerous for Little Noah and me.

This is what happens after a 3 mile hike in the sun.
This guy has a good philosophy for taking the children into the wilderness and showing them what God made rather than always taking them where we tour around and love everything that is man made.
Our three small girl travelers at Dead Horse Point.  Marlie thought it was just a model, all pretend.  It is quite amazing.

Amy and I at Dead Horse Point.  I'm so happy she came!

Thank you to my Jakey for taking me to the wilderness.  It was a perfect trip, other than the facilities for relief.
My beautiful family on top of the petrified sand dunes surrounding our camp.  I literally left my mark there.  And my mark I mean the fibers of my denim shorts.

My big boy on the sand dunes.

My very handsome S.O. (significant other).

A tired boy and mom napping in the shade.
The junior camp rangers - Marlie, Abbi, James, Mylie, Jack, and Noah.

Noah, Mylie, and Jack eating their hobo dinners.  Mylie and Jack were partners in a lot of crime.

Happy hobo dinner!
Amy, Marlie, and Abbi eating their yummy hobo dinners that Jimmy made us.
James, Noah, Mylie, and Jack - so cute!
I don't actually have the written permission Jimmy requires to put his name, photo, or likeness on the interweb.  I may end up in the poor house or even jail if he finds this and presses charges.  Amber and Jimmy make camping a super good time.

Abbi and James working on their moon dough perhaps.
Noah and Jack eating a balanced breakfast before we headed home.
The weekend caught up with our young boy.  He slept for 13 hours, beginning at 5 p.m.

A cute pair of girls - Amy and her mini-me, Mylie.
Tank: A very naughty kitty who tried to ruin my vacation by running away the night before.  Luckily, the neighbor found Tank on Friday and deposited him back to our sofa.
We had such a good time soaking up the sun in southern Utah.  We haven't had a weekend together like that since last July.  Abbi and Noah were so excited for the trip and I think it's a part of Jake's blood to need to spend time in the wilderness a few times a year.  He made it such a comfortable trip for me, even in the rocks, sand, and sun.  I'm the Utahn who has never seen Delicate Arch or skied.  But now I'm 50% done being a Utah Native.  We hiked Delicate Arch, we drove out to Dead Horse Point, then hiked again to a small waterfall/pond to play in, and then hiked again around the petrified sand dunes we stayed on.  The kids dug and dug in the sand, chased lizards, and told stories around the fire.  This was a perfect kick-off to summer!