Thursday, May 17, 2012


L is for Laughing ... and Lisa

My most memorable laughs:

When I almost died laughing in the park in Layton ... Lisa whispered something naughty and I had a horrible asthma attack.

When Lisa and I stayed up until six in the morning when I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting the next morning.  ("I always wanted another sister." & "I'll put my face in your armpit!")

I'm afraid this is more like L is for LISA because so far I'm thinking up Lisa stuff.

I'll give honorable mentions to the restaurant in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, one to the time I was helping my friend from her wheelchair in the bathroom, and one to every year of girls camp.  I'd also like to mention the night Tammy and I spent in the back of my RAV during a rainstorm on a singles' ward camp out.  Oh, the things you see when no thinks you are watching.  A bridge in San Antonio was hilarious, once.  Lunch is never funny.  When my dad slaps his head while he laughs makes anything comical.  Those are pretty awesome, but Lisa almost kills me when we start laughing.

I'd say more about these but either I wouldn't remember them correctly or no one but Lisa and I would understand the conversations we have in the middle of the night.  And most importantly, some of these scenarios should not be recapped because of the content.

Good work, Lisa.  Way to steal the post.

hilarious: very funny
Synonyms: amusing, comical, convivial, entertaining, exhilarated, frolicsome, gay, gleeful, gut-busting, happy, humorous, jocular, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, laughable, lively, merry, mirthful, noisy, priceless, riot, rollicking, scream, side-splitting, uproarious, witty


Wendy H. said...

That bridge in SA was HILARIOUS. So was the Eiffel Tower. So is Lisa. I approve of this post.