Thursday, May 10, 2012

K is for KAYLI

K is for Kayli

This is my bff, Kayli.  We've known each other for 27 years and 10 months and we've been bff's this whole time.  I can't recap every great memory I have with her because we've been friends forever.  Not very many people are lucky enough to have such a good friend for their entire life.  Even if you have, it would be nothing like having Kayli.  She's the funniest, most sincere and loving person.  She always knows what I need to hear.  I've spent a lot of my life trying to be more like her.  I love her for the example she has been to me throughout my life.  I love her for every good time we have had and for being my friend when I had hard times, too.  From preschool to now, I've always had Kayli to turn to.  I'm so blessed to have a forever friend.  There's still time for our childhood dream to come true and we can live next door to each other again.
I'll keep posting pictures as I find them.  I have a favorite of us when we were four, all dressed up and ready to walk to a birthday party.