Sunday, June 03, 2012

All About Me - #22

Here and Now

Your current philosophy is - "He or she who hesitates is lost."
Something memorable that happened to you this month (January) - Jake and I slept all the way through New Years' Eve and New Years

Two things you did today (1/19/12) -  napped on Jake's shoulder and had lunch at Zupa's with my parents and Noah

Two people who occupy your thoughts the most - Noah and Abbi
Something you learned this week - people pretend to be clueless

Something you need to learn now - how to maximize my time
Your most important goal right now - being sealed in the temple

It would be a relief right now if - our letter from the First Presidency was here
The best word to describe your current love life - Jake
The best word to describe your current relationship - Jake
The best word to describe you current work situation - ongoing

The best word to describe your life - overflowing
Your biggest obstacle right now - 2 words

You are happier today than in the past - yes or no

The most important thing in life - my family
The last person you said "I love you to" - Abbi and Noah in bed

A piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child - never forget the truth of the song "I am a Child of God"
Now that you have answered all the questions in All About Me, write one more question you would like to be asked - How do you live a happy life?

The answer - one day at a time with realistic expectations