Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Abbi's First Softball Game!

Abbi did super at her game!  She loved it!  We're so happy that she has something to do with other kids for a few months.  Abbi was the catcher for this game and she caught the ball in her mitt a couple of times!  She wasn't afraid when the machine pitched the ball and she hit it so well.  We don't care if she ever chooses to play softball again but it's so great to see her enjoy herself and play with the other little girls.  Abbi is our superstar!


Georgia said...

She is getting so BIG! Wow, she really looks official in her softball uniform--especially when she has on all that "catcher gear"! Her "batter stance" looks really intimidating--did the fielders back up when she was at bat? So glad she was having such fun---I sure love those two!