Sunday, April 08, 2012

All About Me - #14

Wishes and Dreams
Your dream - to be sealed in the temple to Jake next Month
Your hope - to be a good wife and a stay at home mom when it's the right time
If you had the talent or the opportunity, you would - have a popular blog or sell crafts
Something you wish you could learn with the snap of your fingers - the organ, which recently has become more important as I was recently called to be the Ward Organist :(
Something you wish you could change about your life - skills I would like to have 
Something you wish you could change about yourself - better skills as a wife, mom, etc.

You wish you had been born into a different race - no
You wish you had been born into a different religion - no
You wish you had been born as the opposite sex - no

Someone's diary you would love to read - my mom's

Three qualities your ideal man should possess - look like Jake, act like Jake, be Jake
Three qualities your ideal relationship should have - happiness, attend the temple together, communication

You want to retire at this age - 30

How you plan to spend the last years of your life - spending time with my family and serving a mission with Jake

How you would like to spend the last minutes of your life - with my family

For your last dinner, you would like to invite these five people: my family
The menu for your last dinner might be: Texas Roadhouse Chicken Salad

At your funeral, you want people to remember you as: a wife and mother
Someone who should not, under any circumstances, speak at your funeral: whoever doesn't like me I guess
Someone you would like to have speak at your funeral: my priesthood leader

A dream you have had more than once - weird ones
Something you dreamed that later happened or turned out to be true - Jack