Sunday, April 22, 2012

All About Me - #16

Your earliest memory - I remember once during preschool, a little boy went in to use the bathroom at my house.  He came out so scared because he said there was a big snake in the bathtub.  I don't know why I remember this, but I can't remember really anything earlier.
When you were a child, you believed - dogs are boys and cats are girls...still may be true
 Do you still believe this? - Apparently
Your first kiss - probably Kevin Barton
When? - before Kindergarten
The first time you fell in love - I was in love with Jake by October 2010, whatever I thought love was before, wasn't real.
The last time you fell in love - October of 2011 when Jake brought Toby home
Describe your first paying job - other than babysitting.... The Golden Swirl, I was 16 years old and was made the assistant manager during my first week
Describe your best paying job - the one I have now, I got it a year after college graduation
Your most vivid childhood memory - the rainstorm the day my cousin passed away
You are haunted by the memory of - I'm finally ready to own it.... On the last day of 4th grade, I told a girl (who always fought with me) that I hoped she died.  She did die, that summer, and never returned to the 5th grade.  I felt pretty horrible about that until.... well, I still do.
The memory that still makes you laugh - every girls' camp I attended, all 6 years
A person who was exceptionally kind to you - I had a few teachers take a special interest in things I was interested in learning about..... but Sister Alice Lewis took a lot of time and interest in helping me develop a talent I never would have discovered without her.
A person who made you miserable for a long time - no use going into this
One of your most peaceful memories - 12 years ago, I prayed harder than I ever prayed and immediately I felt the peace I needed
Your best birthday - all of them, minus #18
One of your most tragic moments - hurts too much to write about the losses I've experienced
One of your angriest moments - hurtful lies said about me

Your worst birthday - #18

One of your most desperate moments - the moments after learning about the hurtful lies said about me

Someone you wish you had never met - no reason to go into this

One of your most driven moments - either my first or last semester of college

The memory or story you tend to exaggerate when telling to others - how cool my cat is

One of your most embarrassing moments - Youth Conference 2000, I think

A smell that reminds you of your childhood - Sunday dinner

An object you still own or remember vividly from your childhood - my denim ball (which my mother-in-law just recreated for me)

A routine you remember from your childhood - the mornings or Monday nights