Monday, April 09, 2012

fairy tale review - Little Claus and Big Claus

Little Claus tells his horse, plus Big Claus's four horses to giddy up.  Big Claus gets mad and kills Little Claus's only horse.  Little C gets lucky when he gets lost on his way to sell his horse's hide.  So Big Clause comes and knocks dead Little C's already dead grandmother.  Little C gets lucky again so Big C ties him up in a sack, takes him to dump him in the river, but stops at church on the way.  Little C gets lucky one more time when Big C is surprised to see Little C with a herd of cattle.  Big C then asks to be thrown in the river to find his own herd of cattle.  Little Claus lives happily ever after.

  • I like that Little Claus wins out here.
  • I'm glad Little Claus got rich every time Big Claus tried to take him out.
  • I feel a little bad about the two grandmothers in the story.
  • I wonder why Big Claus was so stupid.
  • The lesson I choose to learn here is: I'm going to watch out for my grandma and I'm never going to call another man's horse my own, even by accident.