Sunday, April 15, 2012

All About Me - #15

The emotion you tend to hide the most - disappointment
The emotion you seem to experience the most -happy
The predominant emotion you have experienced lately - homey
A moment when you achieved absolute happiness - pretty much every day when I'm at home

You have a great amount of guilt regarding - my laziness in school

You would feel envious right now if - Jake was eating Pizza Plus cheese bread and wouldn't share with me

A piece of music that makes you sentimental - hymns played at my family members' funerals
The music reminds you of - my family members
When you are happy, you need - someone else to know I'm happy too
When you are sad, you need - quiet for a few minutes
When you are sentimental, you need - quiet for a few minutes, maybe to talk
When you are angry, you need - to think it through
When you are in love, you need - time with Jake
When you are lonely, you need - time with Jake

You would jump up and down and shout with joy right now if someone told you - I could stay home with my kids

The last time you were very angry was when - an associate lied and lied and lied straight to my face
The last time you cried uncontrollably was when - I was confused

A moment in your life when your emotions froze and you felt absolutely nothing - maybe once or twice it happened

Someone who genuinely makes or has made you happy - Jake
Something that makes you happy - my family

You get angry with yourself when you - are lazy

Someone or something that made you laugh this week - my kids

Write the colors that match the following emotions for you - 
Fear - Black
Happiness - Yellow
Anger - Red
Jealousy- Red
Love - Orange
Sadness - Yellow
Guilt - Brown
Loneliness - White