Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunshine in the Mornings

I love to wake up when the sun has already lighted up the sky.  I love the cool morning fresh air.  I love the cloudless blue sky.  I love the sun shining in my eyes as it peeks over the mountain.  I love the fresh air coming in through the kitchen window.

Remember, just a couple months ago there may have been a rather bitter post about Monday mornings.  But now we have proof ... sunshine is good for the soul.  Or the bitter, tired body :)


Georgia said...

Joey--When you first sent me the link to your blog, you warned me that you were an "ODD" girl--if "odd" means you are "spot on" when it comes to feelings and opinions about what is important in life past, present, and future--then maybe you are "odd" in the very BEST way! I love your posts because it helps me reflect and try to find a way to express what I really feel about things. I am touched by "Sunshine in the Mornings" too--I would add that I love the chirping birds, a little dew on the lawn, and the horses whinnying gently to say they are ready for breakfast! On your "Choices post, I would choose almost exactly the same as you. Well, I'd better sign off before I start "rambling on" any more. I sure would like to come and see the Tracy bunch sometime when the whole family is home. . . not sure how often that works out with as much as you all have going on. Tell Jake "Good Luck" on finals--I think they are this week? Hope to see you soon--Love, Georgia p.s. Sorry this is such a loooong post. . .and I'm glad Renae (spelling is probably wrong) made you a new denim ball--she is a sweetheart!