Friday, April 13, 2012

Something to work on

Before:  This is all of the junk our house has collected recently.

After:  This is what survived the garbage.
I have a goal.
I'm interested in becoming healthier.
I have bad habits and strong loves that keep me from healthy living.
I have an important long-term goal, but I want to be healthy by then.

Before I could chicken out, I cleaned out the pantry this morning.  What I kept has been split into 100 calories or less.  I kept one Diet Coke for Jake and I to end the Diet Coke reign that's taken over our refrigerator.  I couldn't throw away seven good cans of Diets, so I took them to Cody and Tiffani.  The M&Ms survived because I just could not throw them out.  So, I did my research, split the serving size in half, and made them into 100 calorie baggies.

Last night, I was texting Jake, and told him I was going to throw out the junk.  I was going to ask him to do it to prevent me from chickening out or from eating it, instead of throwing it away.  But then I decided that if I was serious about trying to be healthier, I had to do the work myself.

Here is what I hope to accomplish:

< 149
cute shirt
< 144
cute shorts
< 139
cute jeans
< 134
hair cut and color
< 129

Pretty much, this isn't anyone's business but maybe if I post it, and all three of you know about my goal, then I'll feel at least a little obligated to try.


Wendy H. said...

All three of who?

rnistri boryth