Wednesday, December 27, 2017

All the Pictures I Took on Maternity Leave

Clara in her cradle the day we came home from the hospital.

Noah was excited to find Clara was home after school.

Abbi loves to have a baby to cuddle.

This is when we started discovering Clara is a smiley baby.




Clara's first time in her swing.

Popcorn Grandma meeting Clara on our first outing.

Aunt LaRena

We already knew she could make good faces with her eyebrows because we could see them during her ultrasounds!

After a couple weeks, we decided Clara was a good enough (and noisy enough) sleeper to stay in her big girl crib in her own room.


Num Num Suit

Baby Groot shirt

Cute outfit made by my cousin Amy.

I didn't comb her hair down after a bath so it stayed up like this!

The milk sleep.

Aunt Wendy got Clara a cute elf suit.

Dad and Clara have the same scowl.

It's not easy getting a tiny dot of nail polish on those tiny toe nails.

My first time back to church in a cute dress from Wendy.

Cuddling her elephant and dad.

Jessica Saari Alvarado

We love to cuddle and nap together during the day.

Aunt Anne

The famous eyebrow scowl.

Clara and I went to a movie one morning because I knew no one had bought tickets so we could have the whole theater to ourselves. That way, we didn't bother anyone and we could stand up or take up lots of chairs with our stuff. She slept through the whole show.

Showing off for her daily Marco Polo to Uncle Jimmy.