Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Grandma's Tea Party

Since I was a little girl, my mom has had a special Christmas Tea Party for the girls. A couple of years ago we started including the grandsons because they like stories and treats, too. Every year, she finds a new Christmas story to read to us while we snack on delicious cream puffs and hot chocolate. We get to bring our own copy of the story home and get an ornament to remember the story or the year by. This year the book was The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever and we got snowman ornaments holding an American flag because Grandma and Grandpa went on an American History trip in the fall.

Abbi took care of Clara while I got ready for the party. She rocked her and sang her a million Christmas carols.

Noah will willingly give Clara a kiss under the mistletoe, but no one else.

Tea party cousins all put on festive hats. They loved the pirouette cookie sticks and the marshmallows in their cocoa the most.

Clara is still a big hit and gets lots of attention every time we see cousins and aunts and uncles.