Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Animal Pictures of 2017

Hurley wearing some kind of winter hat.

Daisy having her stick.




Anne and the dog having their afternoon nap.

I set the box of chicks on her desk at left the room for 2 minutes. Jessica dumped them out and fed them crackers.

Baymax helping with the sewing. We also called him the Hobby Cat because he would sit next to anyone who was trying to work on something.

Baymax being a jerk.

Baymax reading with his girl.

Hugo just sits like a good boy.

Daisy wants an Easter treat.

Hugo camping.

Daisy camping.

Baymax being a jerk and not helping pack.

I asked Quinn to send me a picture of a really pregnant cow so I could feel better about how I looked.

Daisy enjoying her deck at the Bills's.

Taking Daisy from the Bills's to her new family.

Look closely. There are 3 cats in this stroller. A customer at the D.I. brought them in and had two dogs on leashes, too!