Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Uncle Jimmy

Uncle Jimmy was the first of my siblings that I told I was pregnant. He was driving home from work and returned my call while I was at work. I could believe how happy he was on the phone! I think he almost drove off the rode. He was so incredibly happy. Because the news of a baby was still so new to me, it was still very unbelievable and scary. I didn't know how or even want to be to excited because I was really scared it wasn't true or wouldn't end well. But when I heard Jimmy on the phone, I was happy! He told me to not be scared and just be so glad for every day I had. He really was the reason I was able to give up the fear for gratitude. Even though the next weeks and first few months would be risky, I was glad every day that I even got the chance to be expecting. Even if that was all I would ever get.

Over the next several months, Jimmy was still so happy and excited for us. It was contagious and helped my mom, too.

Then when Clara finally arrived, if it's possible, he was even happier. Uncle Jimmy loves to get a daily picture or Marco Polo from Clara. He often beats me to it and sends his own good morning message first. We love when he comes to visit and hold her.

I'll always be grateful for how Jimmy helped me choose to be happy and enjoy the experience I was having and the gift of the little baby we got.

These pictures are all selfies Uncle Jimmy took when he stopped after work to see Clara.