Saturday, December 09, 2017


This year has overflowed with help and love from my sisters. This post is going to be rather gushy for any of our personal taste but I still want to record it.

Anne has always known and had faith that one day I would get a baby. I told my sisters very early that I was expecting because I couldn't help but want to share something so big with them. During my pregnancy they were thoughtful and very supportive. They answered their phone every time I called and were interested in all the little things I would tell them. I liked to call them right after all my doctor appointments to update them on what was happening.

The sisters are so great to me but maybe even better aunties. They made sure Clara was all set up for her arrival. A few years ago, Old Navy had a whole line of penguin baby clothes that my mom and I saw while we were out shopping. I didn't remember but the clothes upset me and my mom told Anne that I was sad. Anne bought all of the stuff because she knew one day I would need it. Wendy got Clara a few sensible items but also the accessory items that dress every outfit up, like fur vests and such.

While I have been recovering, both sisters kept close tabs on how I was doing. I'm glad they were available to talk to me so much and I'm glad for Marco Polo because that's been a fun way to talk to them and show them the baby and me every day.

As I prepare to go back to work, Wendy has warmed me up by encouraging me with goals for making sure to snack, walking, going outside, and talking to people. And, today they met me in Salt Lake and we practiced all those things. I knew I needed to also practice leaving Clara for more than an hour so that my workday isn't the worst. I left Jake and Clara home and the sisters met me at Little America.

We went to see the fancy window displays at Grand America, Wendy really wanted to go in the American Girl store at City Creek, we bought water bottles from the Light the World vending machines, and then went back for dinner in the lounge at Little America. It was nice to sit and visit for as long as we wanted during dinner. I hadn't had a whole meal for a long time.

I'm really, really happy to have the sisters I have. They really are my best friends. I call, text, or Marco Polo them more than anyone else. Sometimes it's hard to live an hour away from each other but I'm grateful we still get to talk and spend time together as much as we do.