Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

A two-year hiatus from this blog has left us so far behind on what's been happening at home. Instead of going back to the new school year of 2015, we'll try and update on where we are now and work backwards while we go forward. I miss having my end of the year book to print as a journal/scrapbook.

Noah and Abbi got snorkel gear for Christmas today so they could be ready for some adventures with Dad. He's hoping one of them likes it enough to learn how to SCUBA dive with him. I'm glad we have kids for those kinds of activities.

Clara loves to sit with Dad and loves to smile at Mom. It's really funny to watch how her personality and faces match both of us in such opposite ways.

Here's our little starfish stretcher. Clara loves to lay on the ottoman to kick and kick. For Christmas, she got an activity mat that has a light and music just like she enjoys.

Noah's got some gems and crystals to work and is going to learn to solder on a Tesla coil. He got right to work on his puzzle, too.

I hope everyone we know (and I mean everyone) is ready to get their face painted. Jake thought she'd enjoy learning about it and it really blew up into a big business idea. She hasn't stopped drawing, listing, planning, and practicing. She got some other things she really likes but face painting has all of her attention right now.

Aunties and grandparents make it look like Clara got a great Christmas. Good thing for them because we were kind of naughty and trying to get away with a baby-doesn't-know-anyway Christmas.

Hurley isn't a talented model of his new hat but he does love Christmas.

It's hard to believe Christmas arrived and the sun has already set. This has been such a measuring date for me all year that now I should find something to look forward to. Christmas has been the marker of going back to work soon. Maybe if I think of something to look forward to I won't think so much about the milestones that came and went this year and think of exciting things coming up soon.