Friday, January 25, 2013

Hero Report

This afternoon, Abbi and I got to read a HUGE list of people she could choose for her Hero Report.  It's a big assignment and she's going to have to do a lot of reading and work.  We went through the process of elimination but it took a LONG time because she loved everyone.  She really loved the baseball players, the scientists and inventors, and Roy Rogers.

Abbi's top three choices were:
Bill Cosby
Susan B. Anthony
Jackie Robinson
The whole list was great but I really liked her last list we edited.  It will give us a good list of reading for snow days.

Susan B. Anthony - equal rights for blacks and women
George Washington Carver - found many uses for plants
Roberto Clemente - baseball MVP
Bill Cosby - advocate for children
Walt Disney - founded the Disney Empire after many failures
Ben Franklin - inventor and scientist
Martin Luther King, Jr. - equal rights
Abraham Lincoln - helped end slavery
Rosa Parks - "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement"
Beatrix Potter - authored the tales of Peter Rabbit
Jackie Robinson - first black baseball player
Roy Rogers - cowboy and singer
Harriet Tubman - escaped slavery and helped 300 others
George Washington - could have been king but valued democracy
Ida B. Wells - civil rights

When Abbi told Jake she couldn't pick Jackie Robinson because he was black, Jake was so confused and tried to clear things up.  Abbi meant Jackie Robinson's name was highlighted {so it looked black on our copy} and that meant the teacher doesn't really want the kids to pick them.  The names that were highlighted have already been studied in class this year.  It was funny to watch those two figure out what the other one meant.  I knew all along but it was funnier just to observe.

So, who did Abbi pick?

Today reminded me of a book that caught my eye during a 24 hour trek from Florida to Utah, a few years ago.  It has an awesome list of people and was very interesting for the short book that it is.  Abbi has now claimed it as her own and is loving the page about Dr. Suess, who, to her astonishment, is a real person.