Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my twenties are fading

Before Anne turned 30, she created a sort of bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish that year.  Unfortunately, this is my year to prepare to turn 30.  I can hardly believe it.  It's not that I am one of those crazies about age, you know, the BIG 3-0, etc.  But, I guess I might be.  I don't know how 30 is supposed to feel but I don't feel any older than I was in my early 20's.  I may not feel like I'm right out of high school anymore but, surely, I just got out of college (seven years ago).  So, I'm not worried about aging, I just don't know what happened to my 20's.  

In honor of this unfortunate occasion, I am going to create the bucket list to finish off my 20's.   I may be borrowing a couple of Anne's ideas.  I won't do thirty things because, of course, I am only 29.

farewell dearest twenties
  1. get sealed to Jake on February 13th
  2. study the Gospel Principles book by October
  3. hike to Delicate Arch in Moab in May
  4. try to camp without complaining - if my family enjoys it, I guess I should try
  5. write my life story
  6. have a Roscas de Reyes party on February 2 to share our blessings
  7. hit a bucket of balls with Jake
  8. teach Daisy to play dead
  9. go to the temple 9 times
  10. lose 29 pounds ... unless....
  11. get pregnant
  12. make cinnamon rolls for the children
  13. make a Sunday dinner for Jake
  14. don't cut my hair
  15. teach Noah to write his name
  16. memorize the Articles of Faith with Abbi
  17. take family names to the temple
  18. go to the Box Elder County Fair in August
  19. eat at least one bag of cotton candy
  20. see a rodeo with Jake in July
  21. read 9 books
  22. play Waterfall like I used to
  23. complete nine Pinterest projects
  24. try to dress Toby up until I am successful
  25. write 29 letters
  26. eat a bite of something beef
  27. eat a bite of something pork
  28. make my craft room an aesthetically pleasing space
  29. don't get another cat, unless it's a Maine Coon
p.s.  KW ... what's your plan?


Wendy H. said...

I can help you with #17. Also I think your bite of beef should be a delicious steak. It will change your life forever.

Ana said...

I cannot wait for #7 to happen! :)