Monday, December 28, 2009

Deseret Industries - the day after Christmas

I have a few cousins who periodically inquire after what's happening at my D.I. I have been a little hesitant to saying anything on the world wide web but let's get our feet wet with this one....

Don't get to excited. I just want to shed a little light on an ordinary D.I. morning.

6:30 a.m. - wake up, wish I was unemployed, shower, dry my hair, put makeup in my bag with the intention of using it soon

7:45 a.m. - turn off the alarm in the store, wish I was unemployed, ignore the ringing phone, head out onto the dark sales floor

7:50 a.m. - borrow Shirlee's stool to climb up and unlock the back door for the associates, they bust through before I can climb down, I nearly die, wish I was unemployed, return Shirlee's stool

8:00 a.m. - start answering the phone

1st call: Jim's associate - has a toothache, needs to make a dentist appointment, I said no dentist is open take an Advil and come in, he says it hurts, I say come to work

My associate comes in the office: doesn't feel well, wants to leave, I say everyone wants to stay....I'll check on you later

Alan's associate comes in the office: her son (Trina's associate) had a seizure that morning and can't call yet, I give her no trouble, I don't want to mess with that

Check the voice mail: Alan's associate isn't feeling good, has a headache, not able to come to work, he's lucky I didn't answer that call

Next call: Jim's associate - coming but late, I say hurry

8:05 a.m. - wish I was unemployed

Never got my makeup on, the parade of associates who "need to leave" doesn't end, my Christmas wish comes true as one cashier leaves for good (congratulations on your new job), one person tries to get me to work less because he/she works less, I find 2 counterfeit $100 bills in the cash count, another $100 is missing as well, go through all the change in $5's twice over, try to keep anger inside of me, wish I was unemployed.

This story may give you the impression that I wish I was unemployed. Please let me clarify: I love my job. The way it frustrates me is an adventure every day. I have total control over my attitude even when I can't control the actions of others. My boss is great. He lets me do lots of things and say things I shouldn't. Best of all, I have associates who work so hard to make positive changes in their lives and I rejoice in their successes.

I heart D.I. Who knew?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas activities...a very important update

This is my special niece Elizabeth Rose. I apologize for any blood relative infant confusion due to the Gus post. He is a very special friend, not relative.

Elizabeth Rose was born on December 1st. She's beautiful! Betty likes to sprawl out, not be bundled; she likes to be called whatever you choose; she prefers being held; and she has pretty little fingers. I love her!

Please note that I'm just testing the "Betty" thing. I'll try something else later. So far, I prefer Baby Rose or Elizabeth.

Christmas activities...a special visit

I loved the gift but this card is way better than the gift!!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pena!

Christmas favorite installment

Christmas was fabulous this year! I made a few gifts by hand, I baked, I went to a fun-filled family party, I drank delicious hot cocoa at the annual tea party, I shopped with Dad on Christmas Eve, we had an excellent story by Jimmy + Friends, and I dressed Wendy and Anne's dog in a Santa suit. I did other stuff too but let's get back to the dog. I'm not sure how he knew it but as soon as I pulled out the suit he started growling at walking backwards. This memory makes me happy.

He had to go to naughty dog time out when he naughty dogged on my carpet.

He loved opening his presents.

This is a video of the aforementioned dog hanging out and chewing my slipper while it was on my foot.

And after 13.57 hours of wearing the Santa suit, I took it off of him and he tried to kill it. Several times. Over and over. This memory also makes me happy.

Happy Christmas!

G...brought to you by KWC

I have a very new and very special friend. His name is Gus.

Katherine's been baking him for some time now. She was very patient but in her words, he had to be "evicted." I'm very glad he was so that I could finally meet him. Gus is a very talented infant. For example, he eats a bottle so efficiently it holds itself up; he makes and holds the most precious Zoolander face; and the word on the street is that he sleep like a champ. I like all of these things about him. Plus, how cute he is and I'm amused by his size as well.

Thanks for my new friend Katherine and Matt! I like him a lot!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas activities...the second edition

My roommates and I celebrated Christmas tonight. Tomorrow Tammy will fly home to AZ, Collette will stay with her family for the holiday and my sisters will be staying with me.

To celebrate, we made dinner and ate it (right in our own home) at the table with real plates and stuff! It was excellent! Collette made delicious chicken alfredo and Tammy made wonderful raspberry cheesecake! Mmmmmm... We exchanged gifts, played marbles and watched Elf. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Actually, there was no singing but it was still a very good night!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas activities...the first installment

I, the auntie, wanted to babysit the children at my house while Jimmy and Amber went out to celebrate his birthday. I decided to make dinner for us. I think it went well...

Jack ate his all his dinner plus half of mine, James ate absolutely nothing, Marlie negotiated a number of bites she had to take. I said 3, she said she's 6 years old so she should have 6. I agreed. She soon realized her error. Marlie's first picture had her eyes kinda closed so I told her to try again. Good work, Mar! We all enjoyed a brownie.

Blaine, the frog, was quite popular with the children. Unfortunately, he was dying while they were here but I just told them he was tired and likes to sleep on his back hanging over a jagged rock. Jack told him "night, night" about 16 times.

There were a few battle fights with a few near injuries though. The long hall is good for racing like Mario Cart. Unfortunately, the rug in front of the kitchen sink is a nuisance on a tight running turn. My Christmas tree is still intact. The door stoppers on the baseboards are not.

I had a pretty great time! Hopefully, there will be lots more holiday cheer to write about soon!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Tree: I am Special

I'm sure no one who has ever read my blog before expects me to be able to explain myself. It's nearly impossible to even try. Today I will attempt to explain the feelings I feel when I think about my Christmas tree. That's right....feelings.

I put the tree up on November 27th. I don't care who you are, Christmas begins the minute the dishes from Thanksgiving dinner are done. The tree has a bit of a whimsical theme. Last year I saw a decorating demonstration from the Jimmy's Floral lady. I fell in love right away with the colorful decor. Within a week I had persuaded both my mom and my dad to take me to Jimmy's Floral "just to look." Yes...two separate trips, both yielding several bags. My bad :)

Are you thinking, "Get to the point, Joey?" Okay.

It's not the whimsical part of the tree that makes me feel feelings. I love it, a lot but it's all of non-whimsical ornaments that make me feel special. These special ornaments are a collection from my entire life. Each one was a gift and most of them have a special memory too.

This little guy is from 1985. My mom made him for me.

Mickey Mouse Tiny Tim is from a trip my dad (or both parents) took in 1989.

This one is an ornament of my grandmother's. I am her name sake.

These angel are the 3, Wendy, and Anne. I think my parents like us.

When I was in elementary school my dad taught me to study the scriptures every day. I got this ornament the year he and I finished the Book of Mormon.

Sister Lewis is the reason I have any musical talent. Even if my attention wandered, she wouldn't allow me to not do well. I couldn't believe some of the music she expected me to play - it was way beyond my level. But when the day for the performance came I was ready. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

My Aunt LaRena has a special talent for needle work. She goes to a lot of work to make our family Christmas party special. She made a cute picture album that holds a very special memory of our last Christmas with Grandpa.

These aren't ornaments but the were wrapped and under the tree the year after my Aunt Maureen passed away. She picked them out just for me, had them stashed away, wrapped and waiting for Christmas. They are very special to me. I'm pretty sure she liked me.

And saving the best for last...

Every year my mom has a special tea party for the girls in our family. I don't remember exactly when it least 15 years ago. During the tea party she reads a secret Christmas story we've never heard before. She finds us each an ornament that goes with the story too. I wish I could put all of them on here but there are so many. I'll put two.

This one is The Gift of the Magi.

And this one is Santa Duck.

Like I said from the beginning....My Christmas tree makes me feel very special, even loved.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

the washing machine vs. the dishwasher

Last week I sat in front of the washing machine and watched it run almost an entire cycle. My mind just couldn't comprehend how it operates. I only stopped watching because the spin cycle was making me a little dizzy.

The thoughts that spun threw my brain (just like my dark knits in the drum of the machine) were as follows:

A. How the heck does this thing know what to do?
2. How does that one dial know how to be delicate? How does it know the difference?
C. Why does it swish one way and then swish another way and then spin and then swish and then spin? I couldn't detect any sort of pattern.
D. Does the machine actually work or are we all just coerced into believing "the machine knows best"?

On to the dishwasher....

I currently own my first full-size dishwasher. It's quiet, it's beautiful, and it's big. It seems to work wonders, except when it doesn't. I don't understand the white film that now exists on my spatula and strainer. I've scrubbed them by hand only to find the film returns when they dry.

I love my dishwasher...actually, I may be in love with the dishwasher. I guess in any relationship we all have weaknessess. I probably frustrate the dishwasher too.