Thursday, December 03, 2009

the washing machine vs. the dishwasher

Last week I sat in front of the washing machine and watched it run almost an entire cycle. My mind just couldn't comprehend how it operates. I only stopped watching because the spin cycle was making me a little dizzy.

The thoughts that spun threw my brain (just like my dark knits in the drum of the machine) were as follows:

A. How the heck does this thing know what to do?
2. How does that one dial know how to be delicate? How does it know the difference?
C. Why does it swish one way and then swish another way and then spin and then swish and then spin? I couldn't detect any sort of pattern.
D. Does the machine actually work or are we all just coerced into believing "the machine knows best"?

On to the dishwasher....

I currently own my first full-size dishwasher. It's quiet, it's beautiful, and it's big. It seems to work wonders, except when it doesn't. I don't understand the white film that now exists on my spatula and strainer. I've scrubbed them by hand only to find the film returns when they dry.

I love my dishwasher...actually, I may be in love with the dishwasher. I guess in any relationship we all have weaknessess. I probably frustrate the dishwasher too.


Melanie said...

My dishwasher also leaves a film on my plastic dishes--especially the black utensils, like the spatula & ladle. If you figure out why, let me know, will ya?

And I always wonder how fax and copy machines in the world did it ever get invented?

Katherine said...

If you put a cup of white vinegar in the dishwasher when you start it, it should help with the white film...

Lindsay Phenes said...

I was going to suggest vinegar as well. I actually put it in the rinse-aid holder. It works much better than Jet Dry! I also use homemade dishwasher soap. It's heavenly! I feel like my dishes are so much cleaner.

Kellie said...

Joey, Joey! I love your posts! I truly do. I'm not very creative with coming up with such eccentric topics, so I must rely on your posts for that!! :)