Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas activities...a very important update

This is my special niece Elizabeth Rose. I apologize for any blood relative infant confusion due to the Gus post. He is a very special friend, not relative.

Elizabeth Rose was born on December 1st. She's beautiful! Betty likes to sprawl out, not be bundled; she likes to be called whatever you choose; she prefers being held; and she has pretty little fingers. I love her!

Please note that I'm just testing the "Betty" thing. I'll try something else later. So far, I prefer Baby Rose or Elizabeth.


Katherine said...

You've really outdone yourself! Four blog posts in one day? Sheesh.

Elizabeth is such a cute baby. You are one lucky aunt.

Alicia said...

Thanks Joey....sorry I'm such a dork that I can't even tell who you're related to and who you're not.

Anne H said...

Everyone will call her Libby. It's already been decided by Marlie.

Kellie said...

Oh Joey! You're so darn cute. And such the natural with babies. I think you should have one someday! ;) I can't wait to see Miss Elizabeth!!