Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Tree: I am Special

I'm sure no one who has ever read my blog before expects me to be able to explain myself. It's nearly impossible to even try. Today I will attempt to explain the feelings I feel when I think about my Christmas tree. That's right....feelings.

I put the tree up on November 27th. I don't care who you are, Christmas begins the minute the dishes from Thanksgiving dinner are done. The tree has a bit of a whimsical theme. Last year I saw a decorating demonstration from the Jimmy's Floral lady. I fell in love right away with the colorful decor. Within a week I had persuaded both my mom and my dad to take me to Jimmy's Floral "just to look." Yes...two separate trips, both yielding several bags. My bad :)

Are you thinking, "Get to the point, Joey?" Okay.

It's not the whimsical part of the tree that makes me feel feelings. I love it, a lot but it's all of non-whimsical ornaments that make me feel special. These special ornaments are a collection from my entire life. Each one was a gift and most of them have a special memory too.

This little guy is from 1985. My mom made him for me.

Mickey Mouse Tiny Tim is from a trip my dad (or both parents) took in 1989.

This one is an ornament of my grandmother's. I am her name sake.

These angel are the 3, Wendy, and Anne. I think my parents like us.

When I was in elementary school my dad taught me to study the scriptures every day. I got this ornament the year he and I finished the Book of Mormon.

Sister Lewis is the reason I have any musical talent. Even if my attention wandered, she wouldn't allow me to not do well. I couldn't believe some of the music she expected me to play - it was way beyond my level. But when the day for the performance came I was ready. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

My Aunt LaRena has a special talent for needle work. She goes to a lot of work to make our family Christmas party special. She made a cute picture album that holds a very special memory of our last Christmas with Grandpa.

These aren't ornaments but the were wrapped and under the tree the year after my Aunt Maureen passed away. She picked them out just for me, had them stashed away, wrapped and waiting for Christmas. They are very special to me. I'm pretty sure she liked me.

And saving the best for last...

Every year my mom has a special tea party for the girls in our family. I don't remember exactly when it least 15 years ago. During the tea party she reads a secret Christmas story we've never heard before. She finds us each an ornament that goes with the story too. I wish I could put all of them on here but there are so many. I'll put two.

This one is The Gift of the Magi.

And this one is Santa Duck.

Like I said from the beginning....My Christmas tree makes me feel very special, even loved.


BryceandSally said...

You are special Joey!! I love ornaments that have an extra special meaning! Your tree looks great!

Katherine said...

I really like your Christmas tree, and I especially like all your different ornaments. Have you considered cataloging them, and writing the story that goes with each of them?

Kellie said...

I love your tree and the memories with your special ornaments. I think you're super special!! :)

Lindsay Phenes said...

Mark and I have hundreds of Christmas tree ornaments. Or as he says, 'ordaments' (drives me nuts!) Our favorites are definitely the ones that have a specific memory attached to them. So thank you for sharing yours!
I love this post. And pssst! Here's a secret! I've always thought you were pretty darn special :)