Saturday, December 26, 2009

G...brought to you by KWC

I have a very new and very special friend. His name is Gus.

Katherine's been baking him for some time now. She was very patient but in her words, he had to be "evicted." I'm very glad he was so that I could finally meet him. Gus is a very talented infant. For example, he eats a bottle so efficiently it holds itself up; he makes and holds the most precious Zoolander face; and the word on the street is that he sleep like a champ. I like all of these things about him. Plus, how cute he is and I'm amused by his size as well.

Thanks for my new friend Katherine and Matt! I like him a lot!


Katherine said...

Oh, such a cute baby Zoolander. Thanks for coming to visit, and thanks for lunch!

Kellie said...

Very cute!!! :)