Wednesday, February 13, 2013

we have SEALED the deal!

We prepared the paperwork TWO years ago, and now, after a lesson in love and patience, Jake and I received clearance from the First Presidency to be sealed to each other.  We couldn't believe it when the letter came in the mail.  The day before it arrived, I had been in a beautiful sealing room in the Brigham City Temple.  I told anyone who listened that I couldn't wait to be in there {hopefully this year} with Jake.  The very next day, I was on the phone scheduling that very room!

Jake and I were sealed in the Brigham City Temple tonight, February 13, 2013.  We were engaged two years ago, today.  Our first date was on August 13, 2010 and our wedding day was May 13, 2011.  You could say we like thirteen, although only the wedding date and today's date was on purpose.
Our friend took family pictures for us outside the temple before we were sealed and I can't wait to see them!  Our guests began to arrive and so we made our way in.  I still can hardly believe this day came and we really got to be sealed together.  Being in the temple was a beautiful experience.  The workers there took such wonderful care of us and serve in the temple with love.  The Bride's Room was beautiful and I felt so special that I got to use it even though I am already married.

The sealer, Brother Lund, was so kind and shared wonderful thoughts with us.  After our guests greeted us and left the room, he shared a few more special thoughts with Jake and me.  He also prepared some things to say and give to Abbi and Noah.  After we were sealed, and went to change, he went downstairs to the waiting room and visited them.  He and the Assistant to the President loved them and told us how attentive and wonderful Abbi was.  They said Noah was very attentive and bright, and he had a lot to say.

When we got back downstairs the men at the front desk told me not to forget the kids.  I looked over to the waiting room door and saw Noah pressing his face and hands against the glass, smiling and waiting for me to come in.  Abbi and Noah showed us the picture they each got of the temple and the brochure that had a picture of the sealing room we were in.  I can't be more grateful to them for taking time to visit Abbi and Noah.

I loved to see every face of those who came to support us.  I was worried for a minute that my grandma hadn't come, but she is a little grandma and she was on the second row.  We had so many family members and friends there and I appreciate them so much.  I was especially happy to be there with my parents, Wendy, Anne, Jimmy and Amber, RaNae, and Moose. 

I have waited and wanted this day to happen for my whole life.  Waiting the last two years was quite a test for me in patience and God's time table.  I grew in love and confidence in my marriage to Jake.  We were meant to be and there is no way my life would be complete without them.  I have learned more than I thought there was to learn about love, patience, sacrifice, and happiness since becoming a wife and a mother.

On our way to dinner, afterwards, Noah heard me apologize to Jake for my waterworks.  He asked, "Was it a sad cry or a happy cry, Mom?"  It was really, really happy.  I've never had better tears in my life.  As Marlie {my Little Goo-Goo} might say, they were "salty tears of happiness."  I'm a pretty happy Joey.
Cody covered his face because he accidentally smiled.
Eating the condiments.
Twirling in her new twirling-dress.


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Joey! I'm so, so happy for you! Congratulations on "sealing" the deal. What an amazing way to celebrate Valentine's Eve. ((hugs))