Sunday, February 03, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

A houseplant is dying.  This is why it needs to live:

Grandpa/Uncle Paul has seen better days.  His strong, bright green leaves have turned downward.  There is red creeping in where there should be no red.  His fight towards the sunlight streaming through the window is a battle he can hardly bear to win.  But, once again, I decide to come through for him.  I give him a little twist towards the sun and fill the pot with water, making the soil soft again.
I save him because we've been together along time.  I just can't let him down.  You see, I've had some long lasting bamboo plants around.  In fact, I have one now that has got to be nearly four years old.  He's seen better days, too.  But, Grandpa/Uncle Paul and I are connected.

I got Uncle Paul in March of 2007.  He came in a wicker basket.  He seems to be quite a hardy plant, easy enough for even me to keep alive.  I had just moved into my Layton townhouse when he came home with me.
I got Grandpa in November of 2007.  I thought he would make a nice addition of greenery in my small townhouse.  As it turned out, his plant wasn't as forgiving as Uncle Paul.  Rather than lose the whole thing, I transplanted Uncle Paul into Grandpa.  Uncle Paul was a good plant and Grandpa was a much nicer pot than the basket that Uncle Paul came in.

So more than just what you might call an emotional connection to the Grandpa/Uncle Paul, I have a connection of time.  I have very little that has been with me as long as them.  I have a different home.  I had a Prius then and have had a Rav4 since, and now drive a van.  I was very single and now am married with two children.  I had a job in Centerville then, transferred to Harrisville, and am now a homemaker.

The few things that might still be the same are my toaster, my purple coat, my bed {but not the comforter}, my cedar chest, a painting of the Ogden Temple {which is now outdated}, a two-drawer filing cabinet, my washer & dryer, a small bookcase, and maybe some socks.  Can you see why I have to keep the plant alive?