Wednesday, February 20, 2013

abbi & company

I have a few little stories about Abbi that I don't want to forget, because they're pretty great.  I love to flip through my blog book each year and find stuff like this.

On February 13th, we were having our family pictures taken outside of the Brigham City Temple.  The photographer, our friend Nate, told Abbi to say "I like boys!"  Matter-of-factly, Abbi said, "I do like boys."  Nate snapped the picture and then Abbi said, "I have a boyfriend."

What a surprise!  It was so funny!  We had never heard those words come out of her mouth before!  Jake hadn't heard what she said.  His face was priceless when he found out!

I guessed that her boyfriend was Austin, but she said it's Alex.  Later, she told Aunt Anne that she hasn't told Alex yet.


This school year has been a major success so far for Abbi!  She has excelled in her school work and is really becoming her own girl.  She is confident and social.  We are so proud of her!

All this year, she has been dealing with a challenging friend.  Let's call her Ginger.

Abbi and Ginger are together ALL day.  They have the same 2nd grade teacher and they also are in the same group in the support classes.  The way Abbi internalizes her feelings and becomes anxious or stressed is opposite of Ginger.  Her anxiety and stress all comes out and Abbi has been the target all year.

We have had a few meetings and the staff and teachers have been very supportive.  Accommodations have been made but there are still periodic run-ins, as Ginger is an expert at finding the split-second an adult is not watching her.  Through this, Abbi has maintained her grades and an extremely enthusiastic attitude about school.

One day, Abbi was kicked three times by Ginger.  When I picked her up from school and asked about her day all she told me was that a few kids did not "respect the rules about icicles."  It wasn't until later, a teacher called and told me what happened.  Abbi didn't even care enough to say anything about it.

Jake and I talked to Abbi about what good friends are like and what to do when someone treats you not like a friend would.  The next day at school, Ginger apologized to Abbi and in response Abbi repeated our conversation about she wants to be Ginger's friend, but she'll wait until Ginger knows how to treat her.  The conversation was really groundbreaking for both girls.

Last week, Ginger was sitting outside the classroom when we left after Parent Teacher Conference.  Abbi gathered up her things and then asked Ginger if she wanted a hug.  The two girls had a quick hug and we were off.

The next day, the kids and I visited a couple of bookstores with my mom.  At Barnes & Noble, Abbi asked if she could pick one out to give Ginger as a Valentine's surprise.  She picked one out but I emailed Ginger's mom to make sure they wouldn't be offended if we gave it to her.

I think Abbi liked it because she is really into American Girl right now and she always love books to write in.  She thought Ginger would love it, too.  I was a little worried Ginger's mom would think we were not being very nice. But, it was graciously accepted.  Ginger's mom hoped that Ginger would be grateful and hopefully want to return the favor, as that would be good progress for her behavior.

Abbi loved taking the gift to school.  She had written a note inside and was so excited to see if Ginger would like it.  She did!  And, over the weekend she picked out a book that Abbi loves and gave it to her.

Abbi has been a great example to me of patience and friendship.  She doesn't hold grudges, she just keeps loving.  Of course, I would rather she never have hard people or hard things to deal with but she does.  And, she shines right through them!  I love Abbi!


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I love that girl, she is such a great kid.