Monday, February 11, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

The Long-Lost Roommate

We called her "Invisible."  She lived at the end of the hall, across from Lisa's room.  They even shared a bathroom.  Invisible never left her room when she was in Logan and she NEVER stayed in Logan for the weekend.  Her real name was Britney, I think.  I'd have to check with a more reliable memory to know for sure.  We never heard her last name or any details about her life.

One afternoon, she came into the kitchen to make herself lunch.  I was in my room just next to the kitchen so I came out to be friendly.  I sat at the island and tried to make conversation.  I got only grunts or silence in response.  Invisible worked at the counter with her back to me.  Finally, she turned around and said, "You seem like a really nice person."  With that, she walked back to her bedroom.

Before Christmas, Lisa, Shari, and I decided to have our own celebration.  We exchanged gifts and made breakfast together.  It was a little awkward when Britney walked through.  I wonder if she thought we had all known each other before Logan, because we didn't.

One day, I don't remember if I was sitting in the kitchen when she came through or if I found her out there but I'm pretty sure I asked her if she was a friend of Britney's.  It was Britney.  She wasn't wearing makeup that day.  My bad, seriously, my bad.

The best thing about her was the day a maintenance guy knocked on the door and said he was supposed to fix something in Room #4, Invisible's room.  I let him in and went back to my homework in my own room.  After a few minutes he walked down the hall, threw something in the kitchen garbage, and left.  Lisa or Shari was home, too, and we couldn't resist.  We pulled the note out and read, "Girl locked in her room.  Apt. 6A Room 4."

Invisible had locked herself in her room, by accident I would guess.  She had a window that goes right out to the lawn.  She had two other people in her apartment.  But, she called the office and asked for help.  I wonder what the guy thought when he had to come and let her out.  It was so funny, so very funny.

Who knows where she is now, what she studied, or even how old she is.  I think she was four or five years older than me, at least.  Wherever she is, she's given us a few fun memories of Oakridge Apartment 6A. 


Katherine said...

Wow. That's crazy!

Lisa said...

It was Britney. So sad.